Monday, May 19, 2014

Meiskin: Kokonut Kreme | Review

Hi beauties and welcome back to my blog!

On today's agenda is a review of the relatively new skincare brand on the market; Meiskin, and their *Kokonut Kreme moisturiser.

First off I believe Meiskin's products are solely available on their website ( ) which means you will not come across these in any stores (YET!). However, despite their lack of retailers this Australian natural skincare brand is gathering quite a large following on the social media fronts and are becoming a well known name.

Now on to the good stuff, I recently came in the possession of their "Kokonut Kreme" . On their website Meiskin states:

Meiskin’s Kokonut Kreme is our newest all-over body lotion with a blissful coconut and vanilla hit that works to moderately drench and smooth the skin while leaving a ever so sweet and yummy scent upon your skin.

Now if you follow my Instagram (which you should: @Katerina_Beauty_Blog), you will know I am a SUCKER for anything coconut or vanilla scented and this is a double wammy! I really can't get enough of how good this smells. Seriously. Sometimes I will pick up the bottle just to smell it. If I could have any product made in to a food I would want this and it would be DELICIOUS.

Moving on, this formula of this light blue moisturiser is quite thick and creamy. It is such a great rich consistency I love to apply this at night and in the morning my skin is a soft as a babies booty! Now as I said this is quite a rich formula and that is why I mostly use it at night and I understand feeling "buttered up" isn't everyone's cup of tea but I LOVE IT.

Another quick note, it doesn't irritate my sensitive skin! Which is always a plus.

So overall this product gets a big THUMBS UP from me and someone needs to create an edible version of this because it smells so good I don't think I can control myself around it for much longer.

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-Katerina xxx.


  1. i love discovering new skincare brands! im big on experimenting with skincare, i really do love it! great post btw x

    1. Me too! :) And I really can't get over how good this stuff smells!

  2. oww this sound good Katerina!
    Thanks for the review.
    I love hearing about other peoples skin care favs! I struggle when it comes to good skin care products I get stuck using the same old same old but I would love to have something new!
    xo Holly xo


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