Monday, January 5, 2015

Elucent Whitening Skincare Review

Hello my beauties and welcome to the new year! One of my goals for 2015 is to be more active and informative on my blog this year. So I thought I would kick things off with some skincare! 
Now before I get in to the review I would like to just give a few tips to those of you know are new to skincare on the basics when looking for and trying new products.

Tip 1.
 Identify what you want in a product and choose a product that targets your skin type or problem. Got dry skin? Go for a rich moisturiser. Acne prone? A skin clearing cleanser. Fine lines? An anti-aging line. Uneven skintone? A whitening line. 

Tip 2.
Read the instructions and stick to a routine. All products should either come with an informative leaflet or have directions on the back to maximize the results of the product.  In most cases (and in the case of this line by Elucent) you cleanse morning and night, followed by either the day cream in the morning or night cream at night (just thought i'd clear that up for you), then eye cream, then serum/corrector. 

It is important to use these products in the right order (ie, clean your skin, then restore any moisture that was lost, not the other way round) and consistently to see results. Also, you should not expect results on problem areas overnight. Your skin usually takes about a month to regenerate itself so it is usually after this time frame you will start to notice a difference in your skin.  As your skin is constantly changing you need to stick to this routine in order to maximize the effectiveness of any active ingredients.

Tip 3.
Don't be afraid to ask for advice. Usually at drugstores and skincare/makeup counters there will be someone trained especially in figuring out your skin type and what products would work best with your skin. Another way to picking a product is reading reviews on blogs or websites like

Now on to the review!

Whitening Exfoliating Cleanser (RRP $29.99)*
The cleanser has little beads to exfoliate the skin however is gentle enough for every day use. It has a pleasant "clean" scent to it and leaves my skin feeling very soft and refreshed! My skin did feel kind of tingly the first few days of use, so if you have sensitive skin it's best to do a test patch before hand.

Whitening Day Moisturiser (RRP $49.99)*
I love that this has SPF30 which we need over here in Australia! The consistency of this moisturiser is a little on the thicker side, being somewhere between the texture of a sunscreen and a facial moisturiser to me. It is very hydrating and I personally wouldn't recommend this for oily skin types. 

Whitening Night Cream (RRP $49.99)*
Whilst thicker than the day cream in the tub, once rubbed in to the skin I think it feels a lot lighter. The night cream is also very hydrating but absorbs quickly in to the skin leaving your face feeling very smooth and soft.

Whitening Eye Cream ($49.99)*
The consistency of the eye cream is very light and absorbs quickly in to the skin. I found it to be very hydrating without leaving any oiliness or residue behind which also worked great under makeup.

Whitening Spot Corrector ( $49.99)*
This spot corrector has a really rather runny consistency and did tend to take a while to get absorbed in to my skin. Now I don't really have many dark spots to correct, I do have a few freckles and moles but I think it's pretty safe to say those are here to stay and no product is going to work miracles on them. However I had been using this product at night as more of a serum and overall I have noticed my complexion look a lot healthier and brighter. 

Whitening Hand Cream ($24.99)*
A little bit goes a long way with this stuff! Whilst it does have a rather thick consistency and takes a bit of work to work in to the skin, once it is absorbed it leaves your hands feeling soft and silky smooth.

Overall, I have been using this line for around 3 weeks now and feel like my skin is more hydrated and looking healthier. I think this range would benefit anyone looking for a new skincare routine to brighten their complexion with normal to dry skin.

Well I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Years, and I will see you all again soon.

-Kat xxx